Sayla has a number of charitable institutions, ashrams and social development organizations.

The Raj Saubhag Ashram has been instrumental in creating and ensuring access to local schooling for many children of Sayla. 47 new primary schools were built to replace the schools in and around Sayla, damaged during the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat, with funding from European organisations and the Gujarat State Government. Param Pujya Bhaishree has gifted the LMV Girls’ High School to the village of Sayla as a permanent memorial to Param Pujya Bapuji, and its students already achieving much higher results in the 10th and 12th standards than achieved before locally.

The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme in India (AKRSP) started field operations in the state of Gujarat in the 1980s and has since reached over 500,000 beneficiaries in over 1100 villages in the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Over 4,000 village organizations have been created by
this programme. AKRSP has operated a number of programmes dedicated to the sustainable management of soil and water in Sayla and surrounding areas of drought-prone Surendranagar district.

Sayla has an important centre for spastic patients.

The Bell Guest House can help facilitate visits to these centres, and get information about volunteering opportunities.

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